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From the small Swedish hamlet of Valsjobyn (pop. 150), follow Ann-Margret's early development as a singer, dancer and entertainer. Born April 28, 1941, she came to the United States with her mother when she was five, settling in the Chicago area. This timeline takes you through her early life in Sweden, school years, and the beginnings of an illustrious career.
Ann-Margret Olsson becomes Ann-Margret. George Burns propels her into national prominence in Las Vegas. Her meteoric rise to stardom begins with LIFE Magazine cover story. This period details her early film career: Pocketful of Miracles, State Fair, Bye Bye Birdie, Viva Las Vegas with Elvis Presley, Stagecoach, and The Cincinnati Kid. Her fairytale marriage to Roger Smith. TV Specials, record releases, Las Vegas nightclub act, and national recognition as a "superstar sex symbol" punctuate Ann-Margret's life in the fast paced sixties.
The Seventies truly defined Ann-Margret as an actress with Academy Award nominations for her work in "Carnal Knowledge", and "Tommy." A near brush with death as she tumbles from the top of a stage during a nightclub performance almost ends her career. Her live performances draw record crowds in the Orient, Las Vegas and Miami. Her body of work expands with more films, TV Specials and awards.
This is the decade in which Ann-Margret grows up. The eighties begin with her winning her first Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year Award. She tours the country with her Vegas act Her film career is full speed ahead, and she stars in her first of several critically acclaimed TV Dramas, and is nominated for three Best Actress Emmy's. However, her husband Roger is stricken with Myasthenia Gravis, and Ann-Margret is thrust into the toughest role of her career... She's in charge of her career and Roger's battle to survive.
A new, mature Ann-Margret emerges in the nineties. Roger's health stabilizes and new opportunities abound. She performs live at the Radio City Music Hall. She tackles new characters in TV Film Dramas and receives re-newed acclaim for her acting. She films two classics: "Grumpy Old Men," and its sequel, "Grumpier Old Men" with Walter Mathau, Jack Lemmon and Sophia Loren. As you will see, Ann-Margret just gets better and better ...
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