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Ann-Margret Fick
Fick (Sweden) 1962
Ann-Margret Bild
Bild (Sweden) 1962
Ann-Margret Teen
September 1962 Teen
Ann-Margret with Bobby Rydell. Stars of "Bye bye Birdie".
Ann-Margret Vi Damer
Vi Damer (Sweden (1963)

Ann-Margret Svensk Damtidning
Svensk Damtidning (Sweden) 1963
Ann-Margret Cinemond
Cinémonde (France) 1963
Ann-Margret Life
Life 1963
Ann-Margret The Saturday Evening Post
The Saturday Evening Post 1963

Ann-Margret Bild
Bild (Sweden) 1963
Ann-Margret Aret Runt
Aret Runt (Sweden) 1963
Ann-Margret Se
Se (Sweden) 1963
Ann-Margret Artist Revy
Artist Revy (Sweden) 1963

Ann-Margret Hennes
Hennes (Sweden) 1963
Ann-Margret Movie Life
Movie Life 1963
Ann-Margret Hennes
Hennes (Sweden) 1964
Ann-Margret Weekend Magazine
Weelemd Magazine (Canada) 1964

Ann-Margret Movie World
Movie World 1965
Ann-Margret Screen Parade
Screen Parade 1965
Ann-Margret Screen Stars
Screen Stars 1965
Ann-Margret Rosita
Rosita 1965

Ann-Margret Se Magazine
Se (Sweden) 1965
Ann-Margret Esquire Magazine
Esquire 1966
Ann-Margret TV Radio Movie Guide
TV Radio Movie Guid 1966
Ann-Margret Parade
Parade (U.K.) 1966

Ann-Margret Ciné Tele-Revue
Ciné Tele-Revue (France) 1966
Ann-Margret Ciné Tele-Revue
Ciné Tele-Revue (France) 1967
Ann-Margret Photoplay
Photoplay (U.K.) 1967
Ann-Margret Tempo
Tempo (Italy) 1967

Ann-Margret TV Magazine
TV Magazine(The NY Times) 1968
Ann-Margret TV Guide
TV Guide 1968
Ann-Margret TV Tidningen
TV Tidningen (Sweden) 1970
Ann-Margret Tidbits
Titbits (U.K.) 1971

Ann-Margret Life
Life 1971
Ann-Margret Show
Show Magazine 1971
Ann-Margret Screen Stories
Screen Stories 1971

Ann-Margret Playdate
Playdate (New Zealand) 1972
Ann-Margret Seculo Ilustrado
Seculo Ilustrado (Portugal) 1972
Ann-Margret Nuevo Fotogramas
Nuevo Fotogramas (Spain) 1972
Ann-Margret Hänt i Veckan
Hänt i Veckan (Sweden) 1972

Ann-Margret Photoplay
Photoplay 1973
Ann-Margret TV Guide
TV Guide 1973
Ann-Margret Coronet
Coronet 1973
Ann-Margret Motion Picture
Motion Picture 1973

Ann-Margret Photoplay
Photoplay (U.K.) 1974
Ann-Margret Interview
Interview 1974
Ann-Margret Se
Se (Sweden) 1974

Ann-Margret Coronet
Coronet 1975
Ann-Margret Modern Screen
Modern Screen 1975
Ann-Margret People
People 1975
Ann-Margret Motion Picture
Motion Picture 1975

Ann-Margret After Dark
After Dark 1977
Ann-Margret People
People 1977
Ann-Margret People
People 1978
Ann-Margret People
People 1978

Ann-Margret Ciné Revue
Ciné Revue (France) 1981
Ann-Margret Saxons
Saxons (Sweden) 1982
Ann-Margret Saxons
Saxons (Sweden) 1983

Ann-Margret TV Guide
TV Guide 1984
Ann-Margret Marquee
Marquee 1988
Ann-Margret TV Guide
TV Guide 1987

Ann-Margret TV Times
TV Times (Canada) 1996
Ann-Margret Healthy Living
Spring 2002
Ann-Margret Senior Life
Senior Life 2004

Ann-Margret Palm Springs Life
Palm Springs Life 2008
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